Comfort Plus Boots


About The Company

E Sutton and Son is one of the leading wider fit footwear companies in the UK with over 60 years of manufacturing experience and an enviable list of high street retailers for customers. “Central to our business is our desire to make sure women who buy our shoes can do so confident that they will look and feel fantastic, which is why every season we produce collections that are effortlessly elegant, desirable and comfortable.  Combining best leather and synthetic materials with excellent design to ensure the ultimate in performance and comfort ,we have maintained our position at the forefront of the footwear industry.”

Company History

E. Sutton and Son Ltd was first incorporated in Manchester on 10th May 1945. Later that same year the company moved to Bacup’s Waterside Mill in the heart of the Rossendale valley, the centre of the footwear industry in the north of England. By 1970 the company had outgrown its current premises and built a purpose built factory, still in Bacup, on the site of the old railway station, where manufacture continued for the next 34 years.

Although manufacture now continues overseas, the traditional values and skills that make the company almost unique within the industry continue to thrive, with every detail of design and construction subject to the same rigorous testing and checking procedures that it has always been.

For the future E Sutton and Son continues to grow and adapt to our customers’ changing needs and expectations.

Company Philosophy

‘100% Footwear’ It’s that simple. We aim to be the best. The best designs, the best quality and the best service to our customers. “We work closely with the retailers we supply to ensure that every season we exceed their expectations and build brands that are synonymous with quality and style.”

E Sutton & Son maintains its position as a key component in the success of the Sutton Group of Companies.